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Wir bieten regelmäßig Workshops, Vorträge, Filmabende, besondere Konzerte, etc. an. Am Programm basteln wir laufend und informieren Dich auch gerne über unseren Newsletter. Schau immer wieder vorbei, was es Neues gibt! Gerne nehmen wir Deine Vorschläge entgegen.

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20. August  2017 | 13:30 - 16:00


mit Johannes und Carina

Egal ob bester Freund oder beste Freundin, deine „bessere Hälfte“, Familienmitglied oder Bekannte – in diesem Workshop teilst du deine Matte um gemeinsam zu praktizieren.

Helft euch gegenseitig Positionen tiefer zu erforschen, lernt euch einander in Positionen zu sichern und baut spielerisch mehr Vertrauen in einander auf.

So wie wir uns durch die eigene Praxis besser kennen lernen, erlaubt uns dieser Workshop die andere Person besser und auf eine neue Weise zu entdecken.

Johannes und Carina laden euch in diesem Workshop ein, spielerisch und kreativ zu entdecken, wie man seine Praxis ganz leicht mit jemand anderen teilen kann. Zu zweit kann die Praxis sogar noch etwas mehr Spaß machen und wir lernen neue Herausforderung anzunehmen und gemeinsam zu meistern.

Beitrag: €40 pro Person

Anmeldung enweder zu zweit oder gerne auch Alleine (meldet ihr euch einzeln an, suchen Johannes und Carina einen passenden Partner für euch aus) Keiner wird alleine auf seiner Matte stehen ;)

Anmeldung unter: 






27. August  2017 | 15:00 - 17:30


mit Kira

Yin Yoga Workshop mit Kira

Der Monat August steht im TCM für das Element Feuer. Somit wollen wir in diesen Workshop die Meridiane die diesem Element zugeordnet sind aktivieren. Daher widmen wir uns dem Herz-Dünndarm-Perikard.
Es ist eine Zeit der Lebensfreude, des Ausdrucks und des von außen sowie von innen gewärmt werden. Der Ausdruck eines ausgeglichenen Feuers in Dir sind Geistesruhe, Gelassenheit, Freude und das herzhafte Lachen.
All das wollen wir erwecken, damit du wieder Gelassen in den Alltag gehst.

2,5 Stunden Yin Yoga Non-Stop, zum tief Abtauchen, Loslassen, Entspannen und ganz bei Dir Ankommen.

Keine Yogakenntnisse nötig, um mitmachen zu können.

Für Anfänger und Fortgeschrittene geeignet

Beitrag: 40 €





28.August  - 1. September,  2017 | 7:00 - 8:00 (Di 7:30!)



5 mornings with Beate

strong, focussed and meaningful workout for body, mind and soul!

Theme: The five Koshas

5 days - 5 Koshas

Do we have only one layer, our body? Or is there more?

The yogis believe we have 5.

Join Beate for the next round of the amazing Bali Yoga Bootcamp.

In the last few bootcamps we have explored our Dharma & Karma, we worked on Core Confidence, we have transcended suffering through the 5 KLESHAS and now we will be exploring the 5 KOSHAS

5 Tage hintereinander jeden Tag von 7:00-8:00
5 Days Solid mental, spiritual and physical practice
Get into shape and work on your body - with training sessions that include yoga, strength exercises and flexibility ... the training shows you ways to work at your weak points, physically and mentally - to strengthen your path! The exercises are combined with yogic breathing, relaxation, integration of movements as well as mindfulness of the body position.
In Form kommen und an Deinem Body arbeiten - mit Trainingseinheiten, die Yoga, Kraftübungen und Beweglichkeit beinhalten ... das Training zeigt Dir Möglichkeiten, an Deinen Schwachstellen zu arbeiten, körperlich und mental - und Deinen Weg zu stärken! Kombiniert werden die Kraftübungen mit yogischer Atmung, Entspannung, Integrierung der Bewegungen sowie Achtsamkeit der Körperstellung.

This bootcamp comes with the theme of The Koshas - how does yoga see our human layers?  Are we body only or whats happening inside us that we cannot see? Are there more layers? the onion gets peeled.

Daily themes:
1st day - Anamaya Kosha / the physical layer
2nd day - Pranamaya Kosha / the energetic layer
3rd day - Manomaya Kosha / the mental layer
4th day - Jnanamaya Kosha / the wise layer
5th day - Ananadamaya Kosha / the bliss layer 

Thema dieses Bootcamps sind die Kostas. Wie sieht Yoga unsere Schichten? Sind wir nur Körper oder was passiert da in uns, was wir nicht sehen, aber spüren können? Gibt es da mehrere Schichten in uns? Die Zwiebel beginnt sich zu schälen :)
tägliche Themen:
1. Tag - Anamaya Kosha / die körperliche Schicht
2. Tag - Pranamaya Kosha / die energetische Schicht
3. Tag - Manomaya Kosha / die intellektuelle Schicht
4. Tag - Jnanamaya Kosha / die Weisheits -Schicht
5. Tag - Ananadamaya Kosha / die Glückseligkeits-Schicht 

€ 69,- für 5 Stunden Montag bis Freitag! /5h Mo-Fr
€ 59.- mit Monatskarte & Day card / with monthly and day card
€ 49,- für Mitglieder / for members

Registration & Information:
Hier zur Anmeldung
Payment: please guarantee your spot through direct payment at our reception or transfer to Bali Yoga Wien IBAN AT AT07 2011 1829 4127 0700 * BIC GIBAATWWXXX 

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every Thursday  | 7:40 – 8:40  



please join Annemarie 

for a 60 minutes meditation in the Vipassana tradition.

No instructions, simply an opportunity to sit with other meditators in noble silence and put that routine and setting on your calendar as an invitation and date for yourself, with yourself. 

Blankets, yoga mat and yoga block or polsters provided, in studio on a complimentary basis. 

Doors open just 10 minutes before the sit and close promptly at start time. 



THEMA DES MONATS August: Kula - Community 

by Carina Hilmar

The path of Yoga is a journey to wholeness and of returning to our natural sense of unity. When we learn that the greatest separation to overcome is the one from ourselves or Yoga praxis becomes a tool to do exactly that. We become aware of feelings and sensations we might have been cut off before by tuning into the breath, we might discover muscles in the places we thought there were none when we work out how to hold a difficult pose, and eventually we connect to the observer within us when we start to simply recognize our thoughts and stop engaging in them when we sit in meditation. But we are not experiencing the full meaning of Yoga quite yet if our work on and off the mat is solely focused on our self-discovery. Yoga is not only about connecting with ourselves but also with others.

Yoga is about community, Kula, in Sanskrit. Even though we might venture deep into our own consciousness through our individual praxis and no one else can do it for us, we still are in this together. Just like on a real journey where there are many obstacles to overcome - delayed planes, busses and trains, not speaking the language of the place you are going to, unexpected detours, rocky paths and steep hills – also the journey to discover the self can be bumpy at times. Therefore, being part of a Kula of like-minded people who have embarked on the same voyage as us, allows us to find understanding, companionship, compassion, and support from each other. This in turn enables each of us to move deeper and go beyond what we thought was possible for us.

Simply think about how much easier it gets to sit in a group of people and meditate for twenty minutes than sitting at home by yourself. Or how much deeper we sometimes seem to get into the asana when we are practicing with others instead of by ourselves. Or how the rhythm of the teacher’s breath or the person’s next to us how helps us to find the evenness in our own breath and enables us to connect with our own. Whether we consciously feel and know it or not, practicing together connects us to those around us. We do not need to know what is going on for them and the superficial facts about ourselves, such as our profession, our relationship status, our age, background, and upbringing completely fall away and all that matters is that the person sharing our practice is on a similar journey. And because we are in this together, there is no need for judgement anymore; simply pure compassion, and a sense of belonging.

And just like every other aspect of our Yoga praxis, also the notion of Kula can be taken off the mat and be lived in our every-day lives. The next time you walk out of your Yoga studio and away from like-minded ‘Yogis’, can you remember that it does not matter what the next person you encounter does for a living, what they wear, who they are dating, where they are from, etc. etc. but all that does matter is that just like you they feel pain and also joy, the probably have experienced losses, they can feel afraid and also courageous, they might struggle and they might look for ways to overcome those struggles and just like you they want to love and be loved and feel a sense of belonging? Can we remember that we are all part of one big community, one Kula, and that one some level we are all connected? Our well-being depends on the well-being of others. Together we hold space for each other, we can lift each other up, shine the light of hope and love to those who feel all is lost and be given the same in return when we need it. Together we transcend suffering and thus join in unity to bring about harmony, love, and understanding.

In this spirit….

Lokha Samastah Sukhino Bavantu

May all beings everywhere be happy and free, and may the thoughts, words, and actions of my own life contribute in some way to that happiness and to that freedom for all.






























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